Reflecting on 2 years of blogging


I try to write a monthly post about my creative endeavors and design-related topics that I am passionate about. So, let’s get to it! A quick overview of my stats can be seen below.*

I have a rather small sample size of work and my level of success has varied drastically with each post. Here’s a post timeline along with views and reads** data:

Views and Reads data from January 2017 through November 2018.

As you can see, things started very slowly in 2017, then there was a large spike of activity in November (which necessitated a reformatting of the chart for that month). The success of this post showed me the importance of sharing links to your content in the places where your potential audience gathers. I have had success when I share content on Reddit and


In November 2017, I completed a case study that provided details of my efforts to redesign my personal logo. The post appeared on and was shared in their daily email newsletter. A few months later, the post was translated for a Japanese audience!

The chart below demonstrates how the views of this post contributed heavily to my total blog views.

Approximately 42% of my blog’s views can be attributed to this post: Case Study: Personal Logo Design.

The post received 3,330 views in a single day (a personal best)! Unlike many of my other posts, this case study also received numerous comments.

Self-improvement is a popular topic on Medium and I think that details of my efforts to re-approach and improve my logo design were appealing to readers.


Of my 20 posts, 8 had over 1,000 views. Conversely, I had 5 posts with less than 100 views. Yikes!

Here are some additional details as to how my other blog posts have fared:


Posts that can be read in under 5 minutes had a better read ratio than posts that were estimated to take 5 minutes or more to read.


When my post has enough reader data, Medium provides estimated “reader interest” metrics. This data can help me determine if I’m reaching my intended audience:

These reader interests align nicely with my intended audience.

Posts that appealed to this group received over 24,000 views!

Posts that diverged sharply from the interests listed above did not perform as well. For example, I shared a personal story about a childhood visit to an arcade which, as of November 2018, has only 35 total views.


Through Medium, you can submit relevant posts to publishers who will consider sharing your content with their audience. I have been fortunate enough to have my content shared by some great publications with large and engaged audiences:

I was extremely pumped when CSS-Tricks shared my CSS animation tutorial post!

* Data as of 11/20/18. Does not include additional views from RSS readers, Facebook Instant Articles, and AMP.

** Reads data is an estimate of the number of readers who read your entire post.




I am a passionate creative professional with over 14 years of experience in Digital Marketing.

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Michael Loscalzo

Michael Loscalzo

I am a passionate creative professional with over 14 years of experience in Digital Marketing.

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