Case study: D’Art Shtajio

Logo design for a new Japan-based animation studio

The Client

The Task

The Process


“The Doll” character design by Arthell Isom.
My initial sketches for “The Doll” icon included a profile and 3/4 angle.
Early drafts of “The Doll” framed within a circular shape. I varied my drawing style to give the client some options.
An effort to determine what elements could be removed and/or simplified.
Numerous variations of the doll mascot.
A circular concept.
The final icon of “The Doll”


Simplified letterforms and experimental apostrophe treatments.
I was fond of this idea because I liked the way the extraction of the apostrophe formed the center of the letter ‘D’. Also, it encourages the viewer to separate the sounds of the ‘D’ and ‘ART’.
A bunch of pairing attempts throughout the design process.
The final text treatment


Vertical and horizontal versions of the combination mark.



Video player
Business card
Tee shirt
Website and Social Media
Logo usage guidelines

Promoting the studio’s debut film

“Mask yourself“

Series of Alderman masks that I illustrated for the Indigo Ignited website.
@mokiimochii created a custom profile photo using the grinning mask.
My entry in the “mask yourself” promotion.
The rough-to-finished progression GIFs received significant engagement.

I am a passionate creative professional with over 14 years of experience in Digital Marketing.

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