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During the month of October, I completed 31 drawings in 31 days as part of the Inktober challenge — Here’s what I learned…

One of my favorite comic book illustrators is Cameron Stewart. Mr. Stewart is often asked about the tools that he uses to create his art.

“What type of brushes do you use?” they ask.

“Please tell us about your tablet" they implore.

Mr. Stewart had been questioned about tools so…

My superfluous critique of New York’s messy street cleaning signage reminds us that images with ambiguous meanings can (literally) be costly

The following criticism is a bit personal — I have received numerous parking tickets as a resident of New York. Despite recent efforts to improve the clarity of the parking signage, I feel that New York City’s confusing graphics are still in need of a cleanup.

In the image below…

After nearly 24 months on Medium, I took a closer look at my blog stats in an effort to refine my future posts. Can my findings help you?


I try to write a monthly post about my creative endeavors and design-related topics that I am passionate about. So, let’s get to it! A quick overview of my stats can be seen below.*

After a recent binge of the iconic ‘90s TV show Friends, I theorized that the phrase “Oh my God” was uttered an absurd amount — And now I have the data to prove it.

“‘Oh my God!’ is commonly used as an exclamation to emphasize surprise, anger or shock.”


Compiling the Data

Using transcripts of the Friends television show, I scoured the dialogue from all 236 episodes to determine how frequently each character was saying “Oh my God”.


The words “oh”, “my”, and “God” must…

Terrifying scenarios and killer creatures are commonplace in the stories of M.P. Lombardo! I illustrated the covers for three of Lombardo’s latest stories!

Proceed with caution! Once you have finished reading this post, your computer monitor (or mobile device) will gain sentience and chase you around the room whilst wielding a very sharp knife!

Of course, I’m only kidding. Thankfully, we live in the real world and not inside a M.P. Lombardo novel…

During my latest portfolio website revamp, I made an effort to prioritize my objectives alongside design decisions.

In digital design, a portfolio website is an invaluable companion to your resume. Prior to hiring (or interviewing) a candidate for a position in the digital field, a prospective employer will typically want to see samples of your work. …

Michael Loscalzo

I am a passionate creative professional with over 14 years of experience in Digital Marketing.

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